Self Employed Home Loans

Self Employed Home Loans

Your red rock lending advisor is a self-employed business person so they understand what its like to run your own business.

Being self-employed means that you may be too busy running and growing your business, to keep up with the financial paperwork required when applying for a loan.

Many self-employed business owners have strong cash flow and assets but often don’t have up to date paperwork like tax returns and financial statements to reflect their true financial position.

Alternatively we understand that you may also be a smart self-employed business operator that has relatively complex financial affairs which are aimed at minimising your tax position. In all these instances you may qualify for a low document (low doc) loan.

We are specialists in low doc lending and can assist with low doc loans for a multitude of purposes, check out our low doc loan options today.

Self Employed Home Loan Solutions

If you run your own business and have an income and assets, but don't have the usual financial statements required for a traditional home loan. A Red Rock Mortgages self-employed home may be the solution you’re looking for. 

Our self-employed home loans offer a wide variety of choice and flexibility in both in terms of product features as well as the qualifying documents required when applying for a self-employed home loan.

In some cases not only are self employed home loans no more expensive than a traditional loan they are faster and more efficient because additional paperwork is often not required.

Our specialist lending managers are highly skilled and experienced in providing fast and flexible self-employed home loans, investment loans to all types of self employed business people. Our self-employed home loans will allow you to borrow up to 85% of your property value or up to 70% of your commercial property value without the need for financial documents such as tax returns and profit and loss statements.

Our suite of self-employed home loans provide offer you a great selection of market leading products with great rates tailored to your needs.  In most instances the lower your loan to value ratio the lower the interest rate will be. In addition depending on what supporting documents you can provide will also determine what self-employed home loan product is right for you.

In general, our self-employed home loan product suite covers the following options;

  • Self employed low doc loans < 60% LVR
  • Self employed low doc loans < 80% LVR
  • Self employed low doc loans for the purchase of residential property to 85% LVR
  • Min ABN 12 months with GST registration if declared income is > $75,000 pa.

All our self-employed home loans are based on a self-certification of income (i.e a low doc declaration) and 1 or more of the following documents.

  1. Accountant Letter (confirming you can make repayments on the loan without hardship) OR
  2. 6 months business bank statements (confirming you have adequate cashflow to support the loan) OR
  3. Up to the last 12 months BAS. (varies depending on product)

Not sure about what self-employed home loan is right for you? Contact one of our expert lending advisors today and they can provide you with a complimentary quote tailored to your needs