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A borrower’s challenge is your business opportunity!

Today more than ever borrowers are being turned down by the major lenders. The specialist lending market is under-serviced and full of people looking for flexible finance solutions. 

Our unique broking business model is ideally structured to ensure you maintain a strong competitive point of difference in a highly competitive market, with better loan margins and an in demand customer base.

Be part of a nationally recognised brand and market leader in the specialist mortgage market and help people achieve, do more, with a real alternative for the growing legion of borrowers who don’t fit a computerized credit score.

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The specialist lending opportunity.

Specialist lending is about looking at the overall picture of an application rather than taking a tick the box approach.

Failed Mortgage Solution
  • Failed mortgage insurance
  • Failed credit score
  • Previously declined
  • New Australian residents
Multiple Debts
  • Multiple debts to consolidate
  • Needs to payout tax/business debts
  • Cashout for business
  • Refinance private loans
Discharge Bankrupt
  • Discharged bankrupt
  • Late payments or arrears
  • Defaults, judgments or writ
  • Part IX & X debt agreement
Self Employed
  • Self employed < 2yrs
  • ABN registered < 1 yr
  • Income from casual employment
  • Income from family payments

Six out of 10 customers who are seeking finance and are told, ‘No, we can’t help you’, which could have had a loan approved by a specialist lender.

We don’t look for the NO’s – we seek out the YES’s. We say Yes. So our clients say Yes!

Yes yes.

What you’ll need

Whilst mortgage industry experience is an advantage, it’s not mandatory. You will need;

  • To be a great communicator and networker.
  • A strong work ethic and the drive to build a business from the ground up.
  • Enjoy working with numbers and problem solving.
  • Enjoy helping people and a commitment to customer service excellence.

Specialist lending, is one of the biggest opportunities currently in the market for mortgage brokers.

“The upside is huge!”


Highly affordable investment

Uncapped earning potential

Low overheads

Strong point of difference

High margin, lower volume model

Lead generation & marketing support

Passive income stream

Comprehensive training & ongoing development

Build a saleable asset

Multiple income streams available

Limited territories Australia wide

Our Difference

“Our difference is your unique selling point.”

Owning your own Red Rock Mortgages franchise opens up endless opportunities to take your life and career to the next level. 

We challenge traditional lending requirements that block borrowers, our unique model is ideally structured to ensure you maintain a strong competitive point of difference servicing a high demand mortgage market niche.

Our franchisees are highly rewarded by providing mortgage finance when the banks won’t, and we can do this because we get to know customers’ individual circumstances intimately and have specialist products unmet by traditional lenders.

Join Us

High Demand Market Niche

Our unique model is positioned to supply the growing demand for alternative finance solutions to the major lenders.

Flexible High Margin Model

You can significantly increase your earning potential with higher application margins and multiple income streams, including general insurance and asset finance.

Strong Point of Difference

Give yourself the best chance of success in a competitive market with a unique, established proven system.

Experienced Support

Our unique model provides the opportunity to grow your own business supported by our local and national marketing campaigns.


Why a Red Rock Mortgages Franchise?

Buying a franchise, as opposed to starting a business from scratch, sets you up for success. The mortgage broking industry is a highly competitive marketplace, as a Red Rock franchise owner not only will you have a strong point of difference, you will also have instant access to resources, knowledge, experienced personnel all within an established brand.

Can I work from home?

Yes, working from home and being a mobile business owner is a viable option to reduce initial overheads and give you lifestyle flexibility. You may choose to expand your business and lease a retail store in the future, but it’s not mandatory.

How much money can I earn?

As a franchise owner, your earning capabilities have uncapped potential. You can grow your business from a standing start to earn a significant six figure income, in just a few short years. It’s all the result of your hard work, commitment and passion.

What hours are required?

A Red Rock franchise is a full time commitment, however the hours you work are up to you. Standard operating hours are generally between 9am and 5pm Mon-Fri, although on occasion you may be required to provide after hours service including evenings and weekends in order to meet clients when and where it suits them.

How will I promote my business?

Red Rock provides you with comprehensive local area marketing support for your Franchise as well as national marketing and brand awareness campaigns to help grow your franchise territory.

Whilst marketing and support is provided including the distribution of leads from advertising campaigns, like any other business owner you should also supplement Red Rock marketing campaigns with your own localised relationship building activities.

Am I able to write commercial loans?

Yes. As an accredited representative you have access to specialist commercial lenders that can accommodate a range of commercial mortgages including loans for offices, shops, factories, construction and development finance.

What operation expenses am I likely to incur?

A mortgage finance broking business can operate on a relative low ongoing overhead. In the first instance we recommend you set aside some additional capital to cover basic startup costs as well as running costs associated with promoting your business whilst you build your loan trail book.

Items to consider include provision for a laptop PC, software, printer and scanner and mobile phone. The amount of capital required will vary considerably depending upon the nature of your business operation, budget and whether or not you have any staff.

How long does the Franchisee onboarding process take?

The average timeframe for completion of the joining and induction process including lender accreditations is six (6) weeks.

What type of education or work experience do I need to join?

Formal qualifications include Certificate IV in Finance & Mortgage Broking which forms part of our franchisee onboarding and accreditation process. A background in sales, customer service, banking, financial services, insurance, accounting, financial planning, real estate, consulting, conveyancing are highly regarded but not mandatory.

Do I have to have my own ASIC credit licence?

Your own credit licence is not required, as a Franchisee you can operate as authorised credit representative, utilising Red Rocks Australian Credit Licence.

How do I become a Franchisee?

If your interested in finding out more about our unique specialist mortgage franchise, simply fill in the form above to get started and receive your free information pack.

Finance. Different.


We specialise in flexible loan solutions to support many borrowers who fall outside the credit criteria of the major banks.

We see the big picture when others don’t. Helping everyday Australians achieve their finance goals.

  • Don’t use credit scoring
  • Manually assess every application
  • Broader credit policy
  • Examine each individual circumstances