Commercial Loans

Commercial Loans by Red Rock Mortgages

Red Rock Mortgages is dedicated to providing the best mortgage finance solutions for borrowers in the Commercial Real Estate Market. Red Rock Commercial Lending Advisers are skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in delivering loans to assist you in building wealth by acquiring new properties, or refinancing existing debt for cost savings or equity release.

Our unique lending sources combined with our fast, flexible & personal approach makes applying for commercial finance simple. We can arrange commercial loan facilities for a broad range of property classes including:
  • Commercial (Office Buildings)
  • Retail (Shops, suites)
  • Industrial (non specialised, light industrial, factories, warehouses etc)

Talk to one of our specialists today and see how we can assist you.  We can provide competitive and flexible commercial loans secured by non-specialised commercial, retail and industrial property. We have both full document (income verification by way of tax returns & financial statements required) and low doc commercially secured loans to suit self-employed applicants without up to date financial documents.

Commercial Mortgage Loans

 Product Max  Full Doc LVR*
 Max Low Doc LVR*
 Commercial (Full Doc) 
 75% 70%
 Commercial (Low Doc)
 75%  70%

 *LVR means loan to value ratio, which varies depending on security location and nature of property as well as level of documentation (overall strength of application). Minimum commercial loan advance $350,000.

If you would like to speak to one of our commercial lending advisers for further information you can request a free consultation today.