Bad Credit Mortgages & advice by Red Rock MortgagesBad Credit Mortgages

Red Rock Mortgages is a market-leading specialist in solutions for bad credit rating mortgages - we've assisted thousands of Australians where other lenders wouldn't.

Our bad credit home loans are suitable for borrowers with finance requirements that are a little different. This might include a bad credit rating that has come about because of a health issue or various business-related failures.

Do you think you might qualify for a bad credit mortgage? Check out the infographic that we designed to help you start the journey with us here.

Our innovative bad credit rating loans are focused on helping our customers to find the solution that works best with what they are after in their mortgage. We have competitive finance facilities with rates far below other bad credit lenders.

Red Rock Mortgages' specialist bad credit mortgages are most suited to borrowers with:

●    Paid or unpaid defaults,
●    Bankruptcy history,
●    Minimal deposit bases,
●    Overdue tax accounts.

Bad credit mortgage solutions

If the bank has declined an application for a home loan, or you've just been given the run around by other lenders, talk to Red Rock Mortgages we're a specialist provider of bad credit mortgages with a history of delivering positive results. Get the right advice first time around to see if you qualify.

Bad credit mortgage solutions can be used as a gateway to buying a home or refinancing an existing loan. Our team of highly experienced bad credit mortgage advisers can assist a wide range of applicants with bad credit listings, ranging from discharged bankruptcies to smaller defaults.

How to get a loan with a bad credit rating

Here at Red Rock Mortgages, we have a dedicated team that will inform you how to get a mortgage with a bad credit rating. Our three-tiered system involves a credit report review and analysis, a comprehensive bad credit mortgage appraisal and, finally, the bad credit mortgages application itself.

1. Credit report review

Starting with a current copy of your credit report, we walk you through our analysis and discuss our findings with you to better understand the reasons for your bad credit listings. On this basis, we can provide you with accurate advice on your bad credit mortgage options so that you don't submit an application to other lenders, only to have negative responses.

2. Bad credit mortgage appraisal

After the credit report review, our team will provide you with a comprehensive loan proposal based on the review and discussion process. On this basis you can be sure that you will make a timely and informed decision about your bad credit mortgage repayment options, as well as any fees that an application and loan repayment would require, if any at all.

3. Bad credit mortgage application

Once you have reviewed and accepted the bad credit mortgage proposal, including asking any questions you might have about the process, we begin to compile all the necessary application forms, supporting documents and file notes. These will help us to create a detailed and immaculate bad credit loan proposal that will be suitable for a speedy approval, and takes you one step closer to owning your very own property.

Our specialist non-conforming mortgage advisers know that when dealing with applicants who have a bad credit history, the presentation of a loan application is of the utmost importance. Often the presentation and structure of an application makes all the difference when it comes to being approved for your bad credit mortgage.

Contact one of our expert bad credit mortgage advisers about how Red Rock Mortgages' unique funding sources can provide you with the choice and flexibility that is not readily available through alternative service providers.