Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Our team of experts are specialists in structuring and advising on the most suitable mortgage finance for your particular situation and needs.

Our dedicated and experienced team has a deep and thorough understanding of solutions specifically tailored for borrowers who don’t fit the traditional lenders criteria. Our experts will;

  • Listen to and understand your needs.
  • Identify & structure the right loan product best suited to your situation.
  • Explain to you in simple and easy to understand language the benefits of the recommended solution
  • Outline the terms and conditions of the loan and how it can be managed within your budgeting.
  • Assist with the preparation of your loan application paperwork and documentation required to ensure you receive fast approval.
  • Stay in contact with you throughout the term of the loan with a continuous offer of support and advice.

Whether your self-employed without financials or perhaps you’ve got a few defaults or judgments on your VEDA report, contact one of our experts advisers today, and get the right advice the first time.

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